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Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes, including perception, cognition, personality, emotion, and motivation. The textbook Essentials of Understanding Psychology explores these topics in detail to help you gain a deeper understanding of how psychology affects every aspect of life. This 11th edition includes new research on psychological disorders such as PTSD and depression. As well as learning theories such as cognitive and constructive learning to help you further grasp these topics.

Overview About “Essentials of Understanding Psychology (11th Edition)”

Essentials of Understanding Psychology, Eleventh Edition (Glencoe ) is designed to help students develop and refine their critical thinking skills. As they explore areas such as human development, personality, stress, motivation, intelligence, and gender roles. By reading about various approaches to psychology that different theorists have created and identified. Which theories seem most likely to be right or wrong based on scientific evidence as well as logic and reasoning. Students can deepen their understanding of how psychology works in real-life situations. Author Robert S. Feldman helps readers interpret information from his book. While keeping key topics presented in a way that makes them easy to remember. This guide follows a consistent chapter format throughout each section. So readers easily learn how to locate relevant information on specific topics when they want it later in life or at school.

Essentials of Understanding Psychology (11th Edition) Chapter 1

Essentials of Understanding Psychology (11th Edition) Chapter 1

Reviews About “Essentials of Understanding Psychology (11th Edition)”

I always find it helpful to check out reviews for books on Amazon and see what other people are saying about it and what they like or dislike about it. So that’s why I decided to do a review for Essentials of Understanding Psychology written by Robert S. Feldman and published in 2010 by Cengage Learning. I love to read books so having my own was my favorite part because you can really learn from just sitting down and reading a book rather than listening or watching someone talk about it instead of where you have to listen to them talk but not actually do any reading yourself until later when you’re ready to remember things better on your own time schedule too!

Essentials of Understanding Psychology (11th Edition) Chapter 2

Essentials of Understanding Psychology (11th Edition) Chapter 2

About “Robert S. Feldman” the Author of “Essentials of Understanding Psychology “

Robert Steven Feldman is a professor at Smith College where he has been teaching psychology since 1973. Before that, he taught at Yale and Harvard universities. He has written over twenty-five books on psychology and behavioral economics, many of which are bestsellers. These include The Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Business: A Step-by-Step Guide (2017), Secrets of Power Negotiating: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator (2016), and Essentials of Understanding Psychology.

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