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Lab Girl by Hope Jahren is an autobiographical book about her life as a scientist and researcher. The book explores the intersection of research, fieldwork, and personal life which most authors don’t discuss in much detail. The book was well-written with great flow and it made me laugh and cry at times, but it was also confusing to read at times because she’d jump around to past events or other people’s views of her without explaining why or how it fits into the narrative. Regardless, this is an excellent addition to any scientific mind’s bookshelf.

Overview About “Lab Girl” by “Hope Jahren”

Lab Girl is a memoir, focused on plants and geology. The memoir is written in a very casual voice with lots of humor interjected here and there. (This would be beneficial to my audience because they would enjoy the story more). Lab Girl centers around two main characters: Billie Jean King and Lisa Park, who are best friends. They started out as lab partners but later became best friends when they learned about each other’s lives and problems. Over time, their friendship grew stronger; even Billie Jean’s husband noticed how close they were growing. However, Lisa died unexpectedly one night after being hit by a drunk driver. After her death, Billie Jean realized she had never been good at showing emotions or talking about her feelings. She decided that she needed to learn how to do so if she wanted to honor Lisa’s memory.

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren Chapter 1

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren Chapter 1

This book is an emotional roller coaster that will make you laugh and cry all at once, which is why I believe it will connect well with my target audience of female high school students who love reading books that have a lot of emotion and meaning behind them. To start off my summary, I think it would be best if I give an overview of what exactly Lab Girl is about before diving into any details or analysis.

Reviews About “Lab Girl” by “Hope Jahren”

Lab Girl is a story of a girl growing up and getting into science. It is a little different than most biographies because it doesn’t focus on some of her more important discoveries; instead, it focuses on her childhood. That may seem strange, but she is constantly talking about how many things she discovered while young helped her later in life. She talks about how girls like pink and how guys like to hit balls around. The book also contains lots of pictures from her childhood which give us insight into what she was thinking at different times throughout her life. The book is written with science for people who don’t usually read about science, but I think anyone could find something interesting about it because there are so many examples where she applies that knowledge later in life. Overall, I would recommend reading Lab Girl.

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren Chapter 2

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren Chapter 2

About “Hope Jahren” the author of “Lab Girl”

An exuberant and moving account of a life in science, Lab Girl is a brilliant autobiography from one of today’s most admired natural scientists. Fascinated from childhood by trees, and inspired throughout her life by mentors such as David Axelrod, Bill Borucki, Dorothy Hodgkin, and Ed Wilson, geobiologist Hope Jahren takes us on an insider’s tour of her world: her lab in northern Minnesota; nearby forests where she hunts for fossils; and Oslo, Norway, where she finds renewal. In lyrical prose that has been compared to Annie Dillard and Tracy Chevalier (Reunion), she explores what it means to live a passionate life—and how scientific inquiry can be its own reward.

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