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One of the main reasons that movies are so popular and make up part of our culture, is because of the audience’s intense connection to them. They are instantly relatable, especially the Hollywood blockbusters that we all know and love like Star Wars, The Godfather, Jaws, The Dark Knight, and many more. Looking at Movies: Sixth Edition by Dave Monahan looks at the best films ever made in history. And provides behind-the-scenes information on how they were made and what went into making them a reality.

Overview About “Looking at Movies Sixth Edition”

What It’s About: Looking at Movies: The Essential Introductory Film Course, Sixth Edition is a complete and practical introduction to cinema, covering film history; film genres and modes; film theory; and visual analysis. For use in introductory courses in which students view a selection of feature films along with discussing them in class. Since its first publication in 1999, Looking at Movies has set a new standard for introductory film courses. Known for its lively writing style and comprehensive coverage of issues, topics, and concepts central to an introductory survey course on film. It has been praised for encouraging critical thinking among students. The goal of any well-conceived film syllabus.

Reviews About “Looking at Movies Sixth Edition”

This book will be a good supplement for an introductory film class. It does well at taking examples from films to illustrate its main points. And it is thorough in trying to explain its topic(s). In terms of organization, I think that there are two potential issues. First, it is not explicitly divided into units (i.e., chapters). Second, each section could probably stand on its own more since they all cover very different things. Overall though, if someone were looking for a supplement book to an introductory film class. I would recommend looking into getting Monahan’s work as it would most likely be a helpful addition to their course materials

About the Author

Dave Monahan has been working in movies since he was a teenager. He’s appeared on stage and screen and been behind the scenes both on camera and behind it. He’s worked as a director, writer, producer, actor, and editor, but he is best known for his work as an author. His sixth edition of Looking at Movies is available through Inform Inc.

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