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Psychology is a science of behavior and mental processes that attempts to understand people and their actions in terms of thought, emotion, motivation, and interpersonal relationships. An introductory psychology textbook is typically an introductory college textbook for a course in either introduction to psychology or psychology. It is depending on whether it is intended for majors or non-majors (often beginning students who are not majoring in psychology). This introduction to these branches of scientific study should provide an overview of psychological research methods. As well as cover both contemporary and classic theories relevant to each sub-discipline within psychology.

Overview About “Psychology (12th Edition)” by “David G. Myers”

David G. Myers’s Psychology, 12th Edition, the most widely adopted introductory psychology textbook in the world. It helps students build the mental framework they need to succeed in college and beyond! In this accessible, engaging book, students learn how to think like psychologists and apply this knowledge to their everyday lives — making everything from studying and relationships to careers much easier to understand. Updated with the latest research, new pedagogical features, a fresh design. And an interactive eBook that makes learning easier than ever before. Psychology remains an invaluable resource for everyone who wants to know more about human behavior!

Psychology (12th Edition) by David G. Myers Chapter 1

Psychology (12th Edition) by David G. Myers Chapter 1

Reviews About “Psychology (12th Edition)” by “David G. Myers”

Myers’ classic text is engaging and accessible and remains one of the best introductions to psychological theory available. If you want to understand psychology’s history and how various theories came about, read Psychology, 10/e . . . Myers has a nice writing style that incorporates just enough real-world examples and humor to keep it interesting for students. This is not a book you would use if you were teaching an in-depth psychology course; rather, it is one of many introductory texts meant to provide an overview of all topics within psychology. A highly readable introduction to human behavior as studied in colleges and universities.

Psychology (12th Edition) by David G. Myers Chapter 2

Psychology (12th Edition) by David G. Myers Chapter 2

About “David G. Myers” the Author of “Psychology (12th Edition)”

David G. Myers is a professor at Hope College and received his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Psychology and is a proponent of quantitative research methods and survey design, which he has applied in surveys for USA Today, PBS, People magazine, and others. His work focuses on suicide, prejudice, depression (Myers et al., 2010), intelligence (Myers & McGraw, 2011), creationism (Myers & Whitehead 2007) cognitive dissonance (Myers et al., 2011), among other issues. He was editor of Psychological Bulletin from 2005 to 2009 as well as a member of its editorial board from 1996 to 2000.

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