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We the People: An Introduction to American Politics has been the leading book in its field since it was first published in 1996. In this fully revised edition, with a new co-author and six new contributors. We the People continue to be the most widely used introductory text on American politics by more than any other text on the market. It covers all of the fundamentals of U.S. government and politics–both historical and contemporary–from constitutional law to political parties, voting rights, representation, interest groups, public opinion, campaigns and elections, public policymaking, and more. Noted political scientist Caroline J.

Overview About “We the People Eleventh Essentials Edition”

The classic text We The People provides students with a succinct introduction to American government and political behavior. The eleventh edition includes entirely new chapters on The Constitution: Warts and All; Recent Trends in American Government; Democracy and Public Policymaking; Informal Politics; State and Local Governments; Special Interests; A Changing America; Social Change: What Makes Society Tick? Filled with examples from history, current events, social media, literature, music–and yes–YouTube videos of cats doing cute things. As well as highlighting classic quotes from Founding Fathers and politicians through time. This comprehensive yet concise survey text features new learning features that help make government more relevant for today’s students.

We the People Eleventh Essentials Edition Chapter 1

We the People Eleventh Essentials Edition Chapter 1

Reviews About “We the People Eleventh Essentials Edition”

I liked it; one of my favorite textbooks to read because of how organized and straight to point it is. Some people may not agree with their views on government but it’s a great way to learn about that without having a major political science class. The language used is clear and concise which makes for an easy read in comparison to other books I’ve used from different authors in past classes. Would recommend purchasing if interested in learning about our government or are just looking for something simple and straightforward that keeps things short and sweet.

We the People Eleventh Essentials Edition Chapter 2

We the People Eleventh Essentials Edition Chapter 2

About the Authors

Benjamin Ginsberg is a nationally recognized political expert. Ginsberg received his Ph.D. from Columbia University in 1967 and taught political science at Johns Hopkins University until 1985 when he became a senior fellow at Brookings Institution, specializing in state and local politics. He has published numerous books about national politics and has served as an editor for many journals including The Public Interest, The Social Science Journal, Quarterly Review of Politics, and Critical Review. He also worked as deputy research director for Eugene McCarthy’s 1968 presidential campaign; chief counsel to George McGovern’s 1972 presidential campaign; treasurer of Jimmy Carter’s 1980 presidential campaign; and policy director for Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign.

We the People Eleventh Essentials Edition PDF Download

Click on the button given below to download the “We the People Eleventh Essentials Edition” book that is written by “Benjamin Ginsberg, Theodore J. Lowi, Caroline J. Tolbert, Margaret Weir” in PDF. You can also download We the People Essentials 12th Edition by “Benjamin Ginsberg, Theodore J. Lowi, Margaret Weir, Caroline J. Tolbert, Andrea L. Campbell” in PDF Free.

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